This adult mixed voice choir provides an opportunity to rediscover the joy of singing. While divided as altos, sopranos, tenors and basses, their harmonies blend together in a beautiful delivery. Repertoire includes Broadway medleys, pop music, traditional choral works and more.”

Jeff Vidov

Conductor of Resa’s Pieces Singers, and the Treblemakers  

Canadian born composer/pianist Jeff Vidov first attracted attention by winning the SOCAN Composer’s Award for his first orchestral work “AWAKEN” in 1994.

​He received his BM as a scholarship student at Eastman School of Music and his Masters degree at the Manhattan School of Music. Jeff had private lessons with Pulitzer Prize winning composers Christopher Rouse and Joseph Schwantner, as well as eminent composers Samuel Adler, Warren Benson, Richard Danielpour and Robert Morris and learned vocal technique for 3 years from Donald Neuen (student of the famous vocal conductor Robert Shaw).

Jeff has composed and recorded the film scores for 13 movies, 2 tv shows and  2 theatre productions, as well as classical/concert works for orchestra, chamber groups, and numerous solo and duo works.

As a classical pianist, Jeff has played much of the repertoire including many piano concerti of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Mendelssohn, and Liszt and he has accompanied many opera singers and instrumentalists. He is the owner of H of C recording Studios in Toronto.

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The Treblemakers

Our chamber choir, the Treblemakers, is a tight-knit group of approximately a dozen members from the RP singers. They rehearse separately, and continue to delight audiences with heart-moving melodies and thunderous voices with a varied repertoire from Gilbert & Sullivan, Broadway, traditional folk music and more. 

A most lovely, professional evening. Great conductor, singers and venue. Great job everyone!!”

~ Ellen Kline

“Fabulous to be part of such a wonderful group of people and of course the conductor makes the choir experience spectacular! Resa…my heart thanks you for providing such a program like this for me to be part of.”

~ Kerry Black

What a delightful evening of song, music, laughter and joy. Resa’s Pieces is a wonderful group and their pure love of music and enjoyment is infectious – I’ve been to two concerts now and thinking perhaps it’s time to stop being an audience member and start joining in the fun.” 

~Shari Cohen

Congratulations for the good heartfelt singing and great soloists. Very proud of our gala performance! Thank you to all for your wonderful efforts and talent.” 

~Erica and Eric Walker


Resa's Story

Resa’s Pieces Concert Band first came together back in the year 2000. But the dream of creating this very special group was many years in the making. I knew from the time I was a small child I wanted to study music. My oldest brother used to passionately wave his arms around like a virtuoso conductor, and as I watched I could feel the music radiate from him and come alive.

I started first with the piano when I was very young, and then in grade seven I discovered the flute. By the end of high school it was inconceivable that I would study anything but music at university.

During my years at the Faculty of Music in Toronto, I noticed how competitive many of my classmates were. But being the best was not what drove me. I wanted to enjoy my love of music without pressure. I wanted to be the best I could be, but FOR ME!

After graduating I became an itinerant music teacher for the Toronto District School Board. I loved the fun the kids had in class, and I really loved watching their faces beam with their accomplishments. And then I got married, and started a family, and became a stay-at-home mom. After all those years of being immersed in music every day, now the only music I heard was children’s music, and for the next 20 years my flute never came out of its case.

I treasured those years at home with my kids, but I really missed the fun and excitement of playing music with others, and knew that somehow I had to get it back into my life. So after 20 years I went back to teaching, AND I finally took my flute out of its case and joined a Concert Band. I was rusty, but it was so great to be back making music, and I loved every minute of it.

I soon realized there had to be many others like me, who loved music, but after high school had left it behind. Without having a career that involved music, there were few options to keep it going. I realized there was a real need for a place where adults could come together and return to playing music, and I began to dream about how I could make that happen. I imagined the fun social atmosphere of a high school concert band – but for adults! I hoped that if I created such an environment it would provide the same joy and pleasure I had found. My ultimate goal was to have members of this new group learn repertoire, and then share their music with others.

I began to talk about my idea, and the word spread quickly. Soon I had 18 excited players, and by spring of 2000 the new band could play 8 notes, and 7 songs. So in June we held our first concert. It was only 25 minutes long, but there were 75 people in the audience and they gave us a rousing standing ovation.

And that’s how Resa’s Pieces Concert Band was born! (FYI – The name was chosen by the members!) Along the way I was approached by string players who wanted to join. Well, that needed a whole new group, and so in 2010 we added Resa’s Pieces String Ensemble!

Then in 2013 the Resa’s Pieces Singers joined our music family!

It’s a musical world, and I truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have music in their lives. It’s one of my greatest joys to share my love of music every week with all of the dedicated players in the band, knowing that down the hall The Strings and The Singers are having an equally fun musical experience! Between the three ensembles, we now have a total of over 150 enthusiastic adults – who every week get to experience the joy of having music back in their lives, doing their best, and having FUN!  I invite you to join us Monday nights and rekindle the love of music in your life!